Justhost Webhosting Plans 2016

JustHost is a fast-growing web hosting company that has gathered a huge number of clients in a short span of time. From budget hosting plans to enterprise level hosting, they provide solutions for every requirement. In the subsequent sections, we discuss various JustHost Webhosting Plans to help you pick the best one. The company offers hosting packages under three different categories: shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Justhost 2016

Shared Web Hosting:

Among all JustHost webhosting plans, the shared hosting is the most popular one. It is again subdivided into four plans namely Basic, Starter, Plus, and Pro which cost $9.99/mo, $7.99/mo, $14.99/mo and $29.99/mo, respectively. The Pro plan allows you to host unlimited websites and gives unrestricted access to storage, network bandwidth and emails. It also comes with a dedicated IP and SSL Certificate. All the shared plans come bundled with CloudFlare CDN and Site Backup Pro. You may also purchase valuable add-ons such as SiteLock, Spam Experts Mail Filtering, and Site Backup and Restore Pro by paying few more dollars.

VPS Hosting:

JustHost VPS hosting plans are powered by powerful cloud technology. Thanks to their KVM Hypervisor Virtualization, every resource you purchase from them is guaranteed to be available whenever you need it. This category has four plans namely Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate which cost you $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $89.99/mo and $119.99/mo, respectively. When you buy the Standard or Enhanced plan, your site will be hosted on a server with a dual-core CPU. For hosting your website on a quad-core server, you should pick the Ultimate plan. All four plans provide you with adequate SAN storage, dedicated IPs and a large amount of network bandwidth.

Dedicated Hosting:

JustHost’s dedicated platform is built on OpenStack which is a scalable cloud OS. The company provides you a pre-installed WHM, an enhanced version of cPanel, for simple resource management. You also get a collection of server management tools including a domain manager. The dedicated hosting category has three plans: Standard ($149/mo), Enhanced ($199.99/mo), and Premium ($249.99/month). The maximum RAID Level-1 Storage, RAM and Network Bandwidth you can get with dedicated hosting are 2 TB, 16 GB and, 15 TB, respectively. You may also get an additional domain name for $15 per year of registration. For a SAN storage of 500 GB, you need to pay $50/mo.

Customer Service:

JustHost has a technical support team that is ready 24/7 to help you. In case your website becomes slow or unresponsive, you simply need to contact the support engineers via phone, live chat or e-mail, and they will resolve your problem as quickly as possible. The company’s website has a Knowledge Base section featuring a huge list of articles that educate you about the platform.

Money Back Guarantee:

If you are unsatisfied with any of the JustHost webhosting plans, the company offers a refund within 30 days. However, you will be charged for domain registration and setup fees.

Overall Rating of Justhost Webhosting Plans: 5/5

JustHost provides both Linux-based and Windows-based servers, so you have the freedom to choose any one of them based on your requirements. Overall, JustHost webhosting plans are affordable and offer perfect value for your money. We recommend the company to anyone looking for great hosting services.


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Hosting24 Webhosting Plans 2016

One of the most reliable web hosting companies is Hosting24. As the name suggests, the company offers dependable web hosting services 24/7. Whenever you need the web hosting services, you can always be sure of getting them at a reasonable price. Other than the affordability of the company, clients have the opportunity of choosing from the available web hosting plans. This way, businesses, and individuals can be confident of hiring a dependable company to host their websites. That said, here are the Hosting24 webhosting plans that are available.


• Shared Hosting

Just like many other reputable web hosting companies, Hosting24 has the shared hosting as the most popular web hosting plan. The shared hosting offered by this company comes in two packages; silver and gold.

The Silver package will cost you a minimum fee of $3.99 a month. The initial cost of the package was $5.99 a month. With this package, you get a free premium domain, unlimited storage, and bandwidth, and it allows you to choose the server location. You also enjoy domain privacy and a free account setup.

The Gold package was $9.99 a month, but the price is slashed down to $6.99 a month. This plan features every detail of the Silver hosting plan, along with add-on domains and a choice of customizing the name of the servers. There is also a dedicated IP address with the Gold shared hosting package.

The two packages are designed for a registration of three years, and you can try them out within the first thirty days. If you are not satisfied with their services, you have the right to request a refund. The shared hosting can also be tested for as low as $0.01 for the first thirty days.

• Reseller Hosting

The reseller hosting plan also comes in two packages; Starter and Business.

The Starter package goes at $12.99 a month, from $17.99. With this package, you enjoy a free premium domain name, a bandwidth of 500GB and 50GB storage. It also includes a cPanel account, email account, and MySQL databases.

The Business package is down from $27.99 to $22.99 a month. With this discount, you still enjoy all the features of the Starter package, but with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Both the plans come with auto-weekly backups, together with a dedicated IP. You also enjoy the overselling option and domain privacy.

• VPS Hosting

This plan is the best for businesses or any other website that receive high traffic regularly. The cost of the plan starts from as low as $10.78 a month. With this package, you will enjoy CPU speed of 1000 Mhz, 1.02 GB RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, and a dedicated IP.

The premium VPH hosting plan (VPS x8), goes at $86.24 a month, and comes with 8000 Mhz CPU speed, with 8 TB bandwidth, 8.1 GB RAM, 8 Dedicated IPs, and 8 GB storage space.

You can be sure of finding a web hosting plan that meets your expectations when you choose Hosting24. The prices are also flexible to cover even the individuals that need a basic website. Hosting24 webhosting plans are designed for the Linux OS systems. Also, each plan is covered by the 30-day money back guarantee, so you are sure of getting the services that you need.

WPEngine vs Bluehost Review 2016

There are many things to do on the internet to make income. One of these is through utilizing web hosting services. Web hosting is a service that is provided by many players in the market today. Among the most frequently mentioned are WPEngine and Bluehost. Among these two, there are many similarities and minor differences which ultimately set them apart. The two have been doing web hosting for quite a long time, this makes them good companies in the field. WPEngine is specifically an optimized host which supports WordPress by design. It is widely accepted that WPEngine has an edge over Bluehost, it is however important to critically analyze the differences between these two.

WPEngine vs Bluehost

WPEngine vs Bluehost: Performance

When it comes to performance, Bluehost is quite impressive on the charts. Its speeds are quite good at many times during the day. The up-time and downtime is also significantly great. It has some shortcomings however as the result is expected to be better especially in 2016 when technology is at its best. WPEngine on the other hand performs extremely well on all scales. This web host has extremely fast speeds that dwarf most other web hosts. The web host also has almost zero downtime. The web host is as reliable as it can be. The performance is also extremely well on WordPress sites and it is indeed quite accurate to argue that it is the best in this front.

WPEngine vs Bluehost: Customer Service

WPEngine is known as one of the most complete web hosts. The company not only provides reliable services, it also has a very dedicated team who handle the problem-solving bit. This team is one of the most knowledgeable and client-friendly of teams out there. The services are offered in patience and understanding. The team also does great follow-up to ensure problems are resolved and prevented from coming up again. Bluehost also has a great team, but there is not much to write about them. It is understandable that they cannot really match up to WPEngine. WPEngine seems to have dedicated a good amount of resources to craft their quality services.

WPEngine vs Bluehost: User Interface

When it comes to the web experience, there are a few things that matter to most clients. They are user-friendliness, simplicity and usability. Usability simply means that a control panel is simple enough to perform the most difficult tasks. WPEngine seems to be the only web host that crosses all the check boxes when it comes to providing a good user interface. The control panel is quite simple to use even for the most unaware user. Bluehost on the other hand has a few items spread all over the control panel which may confuse a lot of people.

WPEngine vs Bluehost: Features

WPEngine supports a wide variety of custom tools and customization. It also has great value for money. Its compensation rates are good and the overall experience is superb. Bluehost tries to catch up but it falls short on a couple of fronts.

WPEngine is one of the most popular web host for many reasons. It is due to the above qualities that it gets an overall 5/5 rating.


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Siteground Coupons 2016

Siteground Coupons 2016 – our exclusive review & coupons for Siteground 2016.

With an experience of close to ten years, SiteGround stands as one of the most reliable web hosting companies in the market. One of the top benefits of choosing SiteGround is that you enjoy fast, secure, and reliable web hosting services. It has been a top choice for many businesses and individual. This is made possible by the flexibility of their web hosting plans. The plans have been designed for any person or business that wants to enjoy top-notch web hosting. On top of their versatility in the plans that they offer, you can also enjoy the Siteground Coupons that grants you discounts on their plans. Here are the common SiteGround web hosting plans.


1. Startup Plan

This is the most common plan of the three SiteGround plans. It is also the basic plan for a small budget since it goes for only $3.95 a month. With this plan, you will enjoy several features and aspects. Some of the features include free setup, transfer and domain name, around-the-clock customer support, access to cPanel & SSH, and free backup every day. You will also enjoy relatively unlimited emails, traffic, and DBS, which is equivalent to a maximum of 10,000 visits a month. Above all, you will be covered by a money-back guarantee of 30 days, and an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. This plan also comes with toolkits for Joomla and WordPress.

2. GrowBig Plan

This plan grants you access to the developer features of the web hosting company. The GrowBig plan comes with a free SSL for a whole year, unlimited websites, priority customer support, and backups that are available for thirty days. You can also restore the backup easily, without any challenges. This plan is ideal for a site that receives or expects about 25,000 visits a month. You will also enjoy the service of Memcached and Nginx proxies, which caches static and dynamic content on your site. The plan also works with plugins like WordPress, Magento, and Joomla. However, the updated Magento Supercacher can only be accessed when using cloud hosting. You will pay a monthly fee of $7.95 for this plan.

3. GoGeek Plan

This is the premium plan of the company, and you will pay $14.95 a month for the services. The plan comes with a web space of 30 GB, and also multiple domain names. It is the best plan if you expect to get more than 100,000 visits in a month. For that, if you have a business that gets more traffic in a month, then GoGeek Plan is the best choice for you. It also has a PCI compliant server that is ideal for e-Commerce, which will receive credit card info on the website. You can enjoy an advanced developer, which gives you a pre-installed GIT that comes with an automated setup.

There are only three web hosting plans from SiteGround, so you are sure of having an easy time when choosing the one that suits you best. Their customer service is superb and very much dependable. You can use the SiteGround Coupons to enjoy up to 60% off the hosting plans. To get the genuine coupon code, you will need to visit the official SiteGround site.

Dreamhost Coupons 2016

Dreamhost Coupons 2016 – find the latest dreamhost coupons and reviews for 2016. Our personal dreamhost 2016 review is provided below.

Dreamhost is a web hosting provider and domain name registrar based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1996 by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Sage Weil and Michael Rodriguez who were then undergraduate students. They registered the company in 1997 and have been hosting customers since then, reaching over 1.5 million till date. Dreamhost has also evolved over the years and continues to evolve, making it an up to date company that already offers solid state drives with all its plans and lots of other innovative and modern cloud-based services like secure data storage which is charged according to usage.


Web Hosting Plans

There are currently four major categories of Dreamhost’s web hosting plans. They include shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, Virtual Private Server hosting and dedicated hosting. Let’s go over each of these hostings offers in more detail.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a basic Dreamhost plan to get your website online quickly and at a low price. It is the most affordable of all Dreamhost web hosting plans. You can use this plan for blogs, online shops, galleries or whatever you wish. This offer is especially perfect for startups so that you can start small and then grow as your hosting demands increase. It comes with Solid state drives, giving you faster website loading times, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited data storage, unlimited bandwidth use and unlimited email accounts.

Such an amazing offer is possible only due to Dreamhost’s continued innovation in the field of web hosting, allowing it to be able to offer such a hosting plan at the great price of $10 per month, if you choose to be billed monthly, else it is $7.95 if you choose triennial billing.

Managed WordPress Hosting

DreamPress 2 is a special hosting offer from Dreamhost targeted specifically at those running WordPress blogs. With DreamPress-2, you get the perfect environment for a WordPress blog offered to you. It is the most suitable of all Dreamhost web hosting plans for an active blog and well worth the price of $19 per month. Although this offer is more suited to high traffic, well-established blogs, it is still worth some consideration from other clients.

This is because the WordPress blog is hosted in an isolated virtual private server while the databank for the site is hosted on a different MySQL server. Combine this with 30GB of solid state drive and you have the recipe for an extremely responsive and fast website that can manage huge troves of visitors. This is the design of DreamPress-2 which understandably may not be for everybody but is a dream come true for many.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Dreamhost’s virtual private server offer comes with Ubuntu Linux LTS, the Long Term Support version offering higher stability and security. The fundamental concept in the design of these VPSs is speed and scalability of the servers. You can start with 1GB of RAM for example and as your needs grow, simply add more RAM easily from the web control panel. The basic price starts at $15 per month, for 1 GB RAM and 30GB SSD storage, which also includes unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains plus all the standard features like SSH, databases, PHP5/Perl/Python and cron access. It is then scalable up to 8GB RAM and 240 GB SSD storage which costs $120 per month. This offer is perfect for web developers and certain businesses who require a private server.

Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated Hosting offer is the most costly of all Dreamhost web hosting plans starting at $149 per month but it’s with good reason. This is because dedicated hosting is the ultimate solution for high traffic websites or large e-commerce websites that need their own physical server where they have unrestricted sole access to the processor(s). This sole access to the CPU is the fundamental concern with dedicated hosting and the reason it costs so much more than the other plans. With Dreamhost’s dedicated server, you can configure your machine with up to 12 CPU cores, 2 Terabytes of storage and 64 GB of RAM, the choice is yours. Plus it comes with unlimited bandwidth, RAID level 1, unlimited databases and DDoS protection.


The configurations and technical finesse of these Dreamhost web hosting plans go a long way to show the dedication of the company in providing modern services with up to date equipment which actually makes Dreamhost a world leader in web hosting services. I, therefore, rate the company with the top rating of five stars out of five stars.

Dreamhost Rating: 5/5 Stars.


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Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon Code 2016

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon Code 2016 – Get a FREE Month of Hostgator Webhosting with coupon code: HGBAYOU1CENT.

About Hostgator Coupon Codes:

Hostgator is undoubtedly the top web hosting company in the world and everyone has been on the rush to get Hostgator’s premium hosting services the cheapest they can. This is the sole reason that on Google, ‘Hostgator Coupons‘ is one of the top searched terms. So, what is in those coupons that people cannot rest until they find?

The best offer so far is the Free 1 Month Coupon that you get when you first check out hostgator. The only thing you will have to do is to enter the coupon code (HGBAYOU1CENT) and click validate. You will see the total on at the bottom of the page reducing by $9.94. Practically, this is what happens when you enter any other Hostgator coupon code out there.

1 Cent Hostgator Coupon

The other code you get by default is the 20% off coupon. Finding the code itself should not stress you at all since this is filled by Hostgator automatically when you want to check out.

To take complete advantage of the offers, shop around thoroughly and make sure that you have picked the correct coupon for your case.

Depending on the order you are making, the fixed amount coupons and the percentage based codes can be chose accordingly. Here is a simple guide.

Percentage vs fixed amount coupons:
Say you are making a $20 order, which is normally the case for people who have checked the register new domain and a Hatching plan hosting options, and you want to enjoy the best discount, since you can only choose one coupon, going with the fixed amount Hostgator coupons can be the better option. Do this simple math: if you use the $9 off coupon, your order will cost you just $11. If you were to decide to go with the percentage, however attractive the 30% off is, 30% of $20 is just $6 and you will have to pay the remaining $14.

On the other hand, if your order, for example, exceeds $40, going with the 30% will mean that you will only have to pay approximately two thirds of the total amount, whereby the fixed $9 discount will just be negligible.

The trick is to be smart when choosing the coupon codes to use by performing these simple calculations every time you are supposed to choose between two seemingly equal offers since by now you should know that only one of the various Hostgator coupons can be used per checkout.

If you are in a dilemma, go with the default Hostgator filled coupon instead and you should be comfortable with their decent offers.

Why You Should Choose Hostgator as Your Hosting Company

Hostgator, apart from giving you the great discounts on the orders you make, has a special offer for those people who want to host many websites. The Baby option allows you to create unlimited emails for the domains you have, unlimited number of domains to host and get unlimited bandwidth. All these services can be yours for as little as $6 per month if you were to pay for a 2 year hosting contract.

Furthermore, there is a live chat button and a responsive, tech savvy customer support team always delighted to handle your queries and sort out your issues with website management.

Hostgator vs Siteground Webhosting

The web business is currently very tricky to both newbie and professional webmasters. The biggest challenge however comes when selecting the right web hosting company and plan for your business. This is the reason as to why I continuously stress on being thoroughly cautious when choosing the right web host and plan for your online business and presence. The web hosting problem is however further aggravated by the emergence of many web hosting companies. Though many of them give high quality and professional services, others are just there to confuse and bring unhealthy competition, making online business arguably one of the riskiest business today. You should however have some hope as there are few of us who are here to make your online dream business come true.

I however have to confess that I love writing about web hosting because I have personally been spammed and scammed severally when I was a newbie in online ventures. Therefore, I swore to bring justice to the otherwise deteriorating web hosting business in all costs by not being unbiased as many reviewers unfortunately do nowadays. I am here to lay bare a true thorough research on each web host in comparison with Hostgator which is the favorite among many webmasters. I am here to let you know why this web hosting is considered one of the best on the internet today, based on serious research and customer reviews. We will today therefore compare HostGator with SiteGround web hosting company.

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround web hosting company is a new player in the business of web hosting when compared to other web hosting companies such as HostGator, BlueHost and others. The company has a total number of three superior web hosting plans namely: GoGeek, StartUp and GrowBig plans. If you choose SiteGround as your web hosting company in your online business, then be sure to get a free domain name registration, a 30 days money back guarantee, free account setup and transfer, 24/7 superior technical support, 99.9% up time guarantee and unlimited traffic, DBs and emails. The web host also offers a live set up support, immediate activation and a one click account setup.

The SiteGround start up plan is the cheapest among the three web hosting plans; great for newbie. The plan supports only one website, has 10GB space and comes with all essential features. The plan is however suitable for websites or blogs that receive approximately 10, 000 visitors a month. The StartUp plan however goes for $ 9.95 per month.

The second plan is the GrowBig web hosting plan. The plan goes for $ 14. 95 at normal rates and comes with multiple websites support, it is also able to support up to 25, 000 visitors per month and 20 GB web space with all essential premium features. The third and the most professional plan is the GoGeek plan. The plan offers multiple supports for websites, has a 30 GB web space and comes with all essential premium features, suitable for highly professional websites that receives a large amount of visitors of over 100, 000 per month.

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is one of the most trusted and respected web hosting companies in the world since 2002. This respect is not only because of its high quality service and cheap web hosting plans but also because of its reliability and high level of professionalism among its employees. The company has won numerous awards throughout their lifetime and seems to improve on their services each day. HostGator Web hosting Company has almost everything that can be found on other web hosting companies. The major difference however is the improved version of their services. The only sure way to know their secret is to use one of their cheap web hosting plans.

In short, HostGator guarantees 24/7/365 support through live chats, Telephone or email on any issues related to web hosting. They also give a whole 45 days money back guarantee on their services unlike any other web host and an undoubtedly 99.9% up time. When you use one of their hostgator coupon codes you can get a free month of hostgator webhosting to test the service out.

Every customer wants quality and value nowadays and that is exactly what HostGator gives in its services. HostGator also offers unlimited web hosting at as cheap as $ 3.96 per month. Other world class plans categories that are offered by this web hosting company are: reseller hosting plans that start at $19.96 per month, VPS hosting as from $11.97 per month and dedicated hosting starting from $105 per month. This three web hosting plans offers everything any online business can desire.

HostGator is a web hosting company that will be with you throughout; whether you are starting out or you are a pro who is looking for a lifetime web hosting partner. The countless number of positive customer satisfactions on the internet and on various magazines is a sure qualification of my statement. Just go online and read various genuine web hosting company reviews and their customer satisfaction feed backs in case of any doubt before buying one of HostGator’s web hosting plans. My friends are on a view that nobody can claim to have an experience on web hosting without trying out HostGator. Let us all join forces in ensuring that we give unbiased reviews about web hosting and other products advertised and sold online so that we can end the infamous fake and unprofessional testimonials and reviews on the internet today. in conclusion, HostGator is more superior in every way when we put Hostgator vs SiteGround in every way.